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To get through these difficult times we need all members to support the Golf Club.

As a committee we are doing all we can to secure funding to help us through this period and have our course ready for when we come out the other side.

We have applied for the small business grant and are in the process of “Furloughing” most of our employees. The greenkeeper is still working and carrying out essential maintenance.

Any member who wishes to pay their membership and help the club through this period should contact the secretary.

Stay safe


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COVID 19 Latest for Website

Following Government and Scottish Golf advice the course and clubhouse are now CLOSED.

Only the greenkeeper will be undertaking essential work iaw Scottish Golf Guidance.

All other staff members, including kitchen staff, are to stay at home.

The club will need all members support to get through this crisis and ensure the survival of our Golf Club.

Please stay safe, be safe and follow the official advice.


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World Handicap System

Introductory notes regarding the World Handicap System (WHS) are posted on clubhouse notice boards for your information.

The WHS will be implemented in the UK on the 2nd November this year.

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