World Handicap System(WHS)

Member’s education Programme

With 2 weeks to go Scottish Golf(SG) has embarked on a member’s education programme. This is designed for daily release via social media a section at a time. It is my intention to forward the emails received from SG and allow those members interested to follow the programme.

Club Championship & Nelson Cup

The 36 hole qualifying for the Club Championship and Nelson Cup will take place on Saturday the 1st and Saturday the 8th of August.

The Championship quarter finals will be played on Monday 10th August.

The Nelson quarter finals on Tuesday 11th August.

All semi finals will be played on Thursday the 13th August.

All finals will be played on Sunday
the 16th August.


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Competition Rules Update

COVID 19 Rules

3 balls now permitted.
Only mark and sign a playing partners card. Do not exchange cards.
Return cards to starter.
Ensure cards are legible.
Leave pins in.
Preferred lies in bunkers.
Pay entry to starter.
Pre book tee times.
Observe social distancing during play.
Master Scoreboard password is teepeg89.
Forthcoming competitions can be viewed on Master Scoreboard under Future Competitions.
Handicaps can also be viewed on Master Scoreboard.
Repair Pitchmarks, Smooth Bunkers and Replace Divots.


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Please be aware that fixtures are subject to change due to COVID 19.

All monday and monthly medals have been withdrawn. Monthly medals will be replaced by trophy competitions not played due to the crisis.

Team competitions will be subject to change dictated by the current restrictions.

Any changes will posted and promulgated in advance.


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Bunkers – Local Rule

Due the removal of the rakes prefered lies will apply in the bunkers.

Players may mark, lift and place within 6 inches in the bunker.

Players should then smooth the bunker using a club or feet before playing on.


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The intention is to start competitions on Wednesday the 17th June with the 9 hole stableford. This will be followed by the Friday Flyer on the 19th June. The June medal will follow on the 20th June.

COVID 19 rules will apply.
Play in pairs only, unless from same household.
Only mark and sign your playing partners card.
Pay entry etc to Starter.
Deposit cards in box provided.
Results will be posted 1/2 days after the competition.
Book tee times iaw current practice.
To begin with visitors only permitted from 1200 to 1600 on Wednesdays and Fridays.


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